Pharmaceutical Recruitment

Within North West and North Wales surrounding our offices there are currently over 1200 people including about 500 scientists working in a variety of scientific fields including accelerator science, high performance computing, simulation and data analytics and sensors and detectors, as well as your pharmaceutical chemists. Alongside these manufacturing facilities and companies they operates large-scale training facilities used by many UK universities as well as an increasing number of industrial companies (eg IBM, Unilever, Bentley Motors, BAe Systems).

Due to their niche skills required, it is home to over 100 high-tech companies at employing over 500 people in areas such as advanced engineering, digital/ICT, biomedical and energy and environmental technologies. These vary from start-up companies to more mature SMEs to international corporates such as IBM and Lockheed Martin. About one in six companies have their headquarters outside the UK.

We completely understand the economic pressures as well as the drain on key skills on this industry over the past few years, as well as the need to have the best talent in the industry working on your site.

We work on roles from Director Level and Senior Manager to junior professionals within laboratory, and research roles.

We have been called upon to provide a wide range of specialist Pharmaceutical candidates in the past year to include but not exclusive to:

  • Operations Director

  • Supply Chain Director

  • Clinical Research Manager or Assistant

  • Health and Safety Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Hygiene Operative

  • Laboratory Assistant or Manager

  • Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

  • Finance Analyst

  • Clinical Data Analyst

  • Quality Assurance & Validation

  • Pharmaceutical Sales